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def init_app(self, app, add_context_processor=True):
    Configures an application. This registers an `after_request` call, and
    attaches this `LoginManager` to it as `app.login_manager`.
     :param app: The :class:`flask.Flask` object to configure
    :type app: :class:`flask.Flask`
    :param add_context_processor: Whether to add a context processor to
                                  the app that adds a `current_user`
                                  variable to the template.
                                  Defaults to ``True
    :type add_context_processor: bool
    app.login_manager = self
    self._login_disabled = app.config.get('LOGIN_DISABLED', False)
    if add_context_processor:

Не понятна cтрочка app.login_manager = self, а именно присвоение self. Обычно self находится в методе, как параметр. Логика этой строки?

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